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Top tips to reach your audience as an online writer

Whether a seasoned professional or a passionate beginner, writing & storytelling are incredible skills. But even more challenging is finding an engaging audience. At Orton, we believe everyone's writing deserves to be seen and shared for all to enjoy. We have 5 tips we recommend you follow to build an audience and reader network:

1. Use the correct genre and type for your work.

This one is simple and more about finding your engaging target audience. Users on Orton are able to filter their searches based on the type and genre. By ensuring that your work is categorised accurately, readers will have an easier time looking for a read that will engage them.

2. Write often and add to a book/collection.

It goes without saying that the more content you create, then you will have more for people to read. This doesn't mean: throw all aspects of quality out of the window and churn through as much as you can. Instead, make sure you are breaking your work down into sizeable pieces i.e. chapters or sections. This way it becomes easier to read. You can play writing games like "Flash word" to refine your writing and to inspire your next piece.

You can create groupings of your writing by creating a "Collection" and add a synopsis to set expectations for your book.

3. Introduce yourself on our Facebook writers group.

We're a growing creative community of online writers. When you sign up, you are a part of that community and all the fun, support, and diversity which makes us amazing. Our Orton Writers Network on Facebook is a great place to communicate with like-minded writers, and hear about Orton sponsored events/workshops. Like and join the page, introduce yourself, tell us about what you write or are looking to read.

4. Share with all your friends and family on social media.

It's no secret that sharing with friends and family is always a good place to start. Send messages to people that you know like reading and invite criticism, it will only make you better. Post on Orton and use the social share buttons to let your social network to see your work.

As we want to protect your work, anyone clicking the link will need to sign up, if they don't already have an account. But once they have, they can annotate, like, and share your work. Giving it the feedback you need to become a successful author.

5. Share through other writing communities.

Reddit is home to an incredible network of writers sharing their stories. But we think Orton is a better place for the content to live as it’s better protected and manageable, just upload to Orton and share your links there.

Your own website: You may already have a successful blog or portfolio of work online, leverage its existing traffic and boost your viewership.

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