19th Oct 2020


Orton Competition (2020/21)

It’s that time of year when we showcase the amazing talent of Orton Writers. Last year’s competition on the theme of Winter was a great opportunity to use Orton’s publishing platform to create the Orton Collection 2020, available on Amazon. And now, we are carrying on the tradition with the Orton Collection 2021....

8th May 2020


Is your book ready for publishing?

Orton is here to make self-publishing easier, but we can’t stress the importance of getting your book to a good standard first. Professional authors have their own...

8th May 2020

Build audience

How to market your book

So, you’ve finished your book and you may feel like you know the story and characters inside out, but do you know what kind of person your...

26th Aug 2019

Improve writing

The beauty of sitting on ideas when writing a novel

Screenwriter Richard Curtis who’s just released his new feature film ‘Yesterday’ says ‘The first rule of writing for me is I never have an idea for a...

9th Jul 2019

Build audience

Top tips to reach your audience as an online writer

Whether a seasoned professional or a passionate beginner, writing & storytelling are incredible skills. But even more challenging is finding an engaging audience. At Orton, we believe...

8th Jul 2019


Introducing the new blog!

Hello writers, readers, spontaneous creatives. Orton has been going through a lot of preparation and planning for the next year, and we have some exciting stuff coming...

3rd Mar 2017


A new path for writers

When I was eighteen, I was desperate for any kind of inspiration from established comedy writers. I waited nervously for Barry Cryer to finish his show at...